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Quality Counts

4-H and FFA have been involved in character education for more than 100 years.  Quality Counts is our way of showcasing this character education and at the same time showing our commitment to producing a safe and wholesome livestock product for the consumer.

Verification of Quality Counts is a natural extension of this effort to demonstrate that 4-H and FFA youth have a base knowledge of the principles of quality assurance and good moral character.

Now and in the near future many local and major livestock shows will require that a youth exhibitor demonstrate this base knowledge by taking the online Quality Counts Verification test and obtaining a Verification Number.  This can be accomplished through this web site!

Step-by-step instructions to filling out your Quality Counts Verification are downloadable in the documents section at the bottom of this page.

Quality Counts FAQ's

  • How often must I be “verified”?
    • Exhibitors only need to be verified once as a junior and once again as a senior.  Junior is 8 and in the 3rd grade through 13 years of age as of the previous August 31st.  Senior is 14 years or older as of the previous August 31st.
  • How do I become verified?
    • Pass the online test with 80% correct answers (8 out of 10)
  • How many times can I take the test?
    • As many times as necessary to achieve an 80% score
  • What happens when I pass the test?
    • You are given a Quality Counts verification number and the online system allows you to print a personalized certificate.
  • What do I do with the Quality Counts verification number?
    • Hold on to the number and use it when asked for by stock shows as a part of entry requirement.
  • Can someone else use my number?
    • No.  The number is tied back to your name in the database available to stock shows, County Extension Agents and Ag Science Teachers.  When the number is entered into the system, only your name appears.
  • What happens if I forget/lose my number?
    • Take the test again and get another number.  You can become verified as often as needed.
  • How do I learn the material needed to pass the test?
    • All of the material is available online at and from there you can also access the online teaching system “Texas Trail”.  The online version will take 2 hours to complete and can be done at more than one sitting.
    • Ag Science Teachers and/or County Extension Agents may also offer classroom and hands-on educational activities using the Quality Counts curriculum.
  • Do I have to be “verified” to show?
    • Check your stock show rules.  Each show has different requirements regarding Quality Counts verification.  This includes deadlines for verification and whether or not you must be verified to participate
  • Do I need a separate verification number for 4-H and FFA?
    • When you take the test, if you selected both FFA and 4-H as your affiliated organizations, one number is all that is needed.  If you are not sure what you selected, take the test again and select both organizations.  This will insure that both your Ag Science Teacher and Your County Extension Agent can see that you are verified.
  • Will all major shows require youth to be verified in order to compete?
    • In 2011 the State Fair of Texas will initiate voluntary compliance
    • In 2012, most if not all major shows will require verification.  Check the show premium book for individual show requirements.
  • Will Quality Counts Verification be needed for Breeding Entries?
    • Yes.  Quality Counts Verification will be needed for all Junior Livestock Show Entries at Major shows, including breeding animals.
  • What about Judging Teams?
    • No.  Quality Counts Verification is only needed on Junior “Livestock” Entries.  Contest not including an animal entry will not require verification.


Quality Counts Verfication Requirements Jan-Michael Robertson 9/14/2011 14 KB
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